Choice Words

Chapters 7 & 8 (if you click on link "The Book" this is included plus more)

In chapter seven the discussion is mostly an in depth look at all of the missed teaching opportunities mentioned from before and more recommendations  of better things to say to students whether individually or whole group.  My favorites being; using "we" as much as possible, asking the class if they have "any compliments?", requiring that the class mention what they were thing to their neighbor, and asking "how did you manage to figure that out together?"  I did not notice it until I read this chapter, but Johnston has been calling the reader We throughout the whole book, "we" relating the readers as teachers, tying back into his entire idea that "we" are teachers and therefore we act like teachers and do what teachers do.  "The way WE interact with children..."
   Chapter eight discusses the ways that we interact with children and how the way we arrange for them to interact  shows them what kinds of people we think they are and gives them opportunities to practice being those kinds of people.  A teacher who has a different view of herself, her students, and what she is doing will us a different language than say the more authoritarian teacher.