Choice Words

Chapters 2 & 3 (if you click on link "The Book" this is included plus more)

    In chapter two, he discusses the two topics, noticing and naming.  I learned that these two things are crucial to a students pattern of learning, because it invites children to notice if they notice, practice noticing and trying to notice details, and to realize that others can notice different things too.  Focus on the positive.  "Much more important is noticing-and helping the students notice-what they are doing well."  The main point of this chapter is that, to install the habit of paying attention and noticing through the question, 'what are you noticing?' will prepare students for the future when they can no longer afford to be dependent on the teacher for everything that needs to be noticed.
   I really felt the importance of chapter three as I was reading through it.  I loved his examples of statements that give the child an opportunity for an identity.  By saying things like, "what a talented young poet you are," the student now begins to explore with poetry and begins noticing other things that he/she might believe they do well.  Even if they decide that they do not belong with this identity, they are now more aware of their abilities and are more willing to identify themselves in another way.  I definitely learned from this chapter that finding ways to get children to think about internally praising themselves which is not only healthier for their emotional ego, it also in turn attaches an internal motivation to the act of writing(whatever they are feeling praised for).